The Key to Successful Pressure Washing

Pressure washing is the use of water at a high pressure to remove grime, paint, mud, dust, dirt and chewing gum from vehicles, buildings and concrete surfaces. Elbow grease is sufficient for certain areas of the house, where as professional expertise is needed for the other areas.

By taking note of certain features of the pressure washer and knowing how to handle it, users can carry out the work of pressure washing Surrey, Bristol, London or other cities of U.K.

The points to be considered while using a pressure washer are as follows:

Consistent Pressure:

While using a pressure washer, it is necessary to use a consistent pressure. You should avoid zebra stripping by making sure that the spray nozzle of the pressure washer is kept perpendicular to the cleaning surface and a steady motion of water is maintained. Inconsistent washer pressure results in “zorro” marks. Users should follow the safety instructions given in operator’s manual while using the pressure washer. It is a common mistake of users to apply too much water pressure while wooden decking cleaning Surrey or other cities of UK. It is best to stay at a distance of 6 inches from the surface to be washed to prevent damage to the wood during the process.

Effective Washing Technique:

The key to effective pressure washing and patio cleaning London is to make use of proper washing technique. Mark the stop and the start of the sweep by feathering the strokes. You can do this by overlapping your previous sweep along with half the new sweep’s height.

Use of Chemicals:

In order to carry out the method of pressure washing effectively, make use of chemicals instead of only water for pressure washing. If you are trying to remove stubborn dirt with just cold water, you have to apply more pressure and that results in ineffective cleaning, spreading mould spores that would continue to grow even after everything dries. Thus, it is advisable to use chemicals to hasten the process of pressure cleaning. You can use pressure washing detergents for the purpose. If you are using soap, let it soak for at least 3-5 minutes, before rinsing it off. It is a good idea to coat the surface with diluted chlorine in order to break the dirt or mould barrier to facilitate the pressure washing technique.

Drying Time:

After completing pressure washing of fences, decks, wooden surfaces or railings, give enough time for these surfaces to dry that is usually 48 hours. Following this, you should seal these surfaces with stain, paint or preservative according to directions of manufacturers in order to keep the surface looking brand new.

Suitable Equipment:

A professional will make use of a host of equipments and attachments for effectively carrying out the process of pressure cleaning. In order to clean a surface fast, a turbo nozzle or rotating-surface cleaner are effective equipments. These accessories are very useful and worth investing in.
Though you can accomplish the task of pressure washing all by yourself, to have the task done effectively with the use of right equipments and proper expertise, professional help is recommended.

How Is Pressure Washing Beneficial For Residential Houses And Other Buildings?

Pressure washing is an excellent way in which a healthier environment can be created. Mildew, mold, dirt as well as dust can become the cause of many health issues. Pressure washing helps in eliminating these dust particles and thus leaves behind a healthy house after the task is completed. It is a very cost-effective technique and also adds value to a property. Pressure washing at Surrey is a flourishing technique, which is being adopted by many owners to keep their houses in the topmost condition.

Pressure washing is a must especially whenever a person is thinking of selling a house property or for the purpose of improving the overall appearance of the house. There are a number of benefits that one can obtain by opting for this process. Discussed below are a few advantages that an owner gets through pressure washing.


Protection for the Family: Most people are very conscious about the well-being of their family members. Over time the houses that people reside in become contaminated by several types of algae and bacteria which are sometimes even life threatening.  Pressure washing prevents these bacterial growths and thus creates a healthy environment in the house. The owners also prefer patio cleaning in Surrey so that their driveways stay clean and tidy.

Adds Value To The Property: Pressure washing is one of the most effective ways in which a person can add value to the property in which he resides. This technique is quite affordable and even increases the worth of the property.

Preventative Maintenance Of The Property Is Assured: Exterior repairs of a residential building usually involve a lot of monetary expenditure.  Pressure washing at regular intervals saves the owner from such heavy monetary investment and also keeps the house clean. Premature aging, rot and decay are all prevented if the owners go for pressure washing service offered by expert technicians. Wooden Decking Cleaning in Surrey has also gained importance over the growing years that help in keeping the deck and porch area free from bacterial infections.

The Curb Appeal Of The Property Is Improved: Curb appeal is an important aspect for any housing property, especially when the owner thinks of selling. Stains and mildew adversely affect the appearance of the house making it dull and unattractive to the buyers. Pressure washing helps remove these stains and gives a new look to the property. The house becomes more appealing to the prospective buyers.

Thus, pressure washing is an essential part of making the house free from all kinds of diseases. It helps to restore pavements, driveways and decks to their original condition with a little amount of investment. There are many good companies in Surrey and throughout London who carry out the tasks of pressure washing and patio cleaning with great efficiency.